Sharpton Uses Children As Props to Smear Romney

On his MSNBC program today Al Sharpton played a video his network put together that used child actors to knock Mitt Romney. Using scripted remarks

“I got to thinking how these GOP candidates really act like a bunch of little kids that just can’t play nice together. In fact, today, we enlisted some of New York’s finest young actors to give us a dramatic reading on how this endorsement process has gone,” Sharpton said, explaining how the segment was thought up.

“Hey kids, guess who is coming to the party? Mitt Romney. Isn’t that fun?” an announcer said.

“He doesn’t share,” complained one child actor.

“He’s a flip-flopper,” one was scripted to say.

“He’s a poppy pants,” another said.

“And a child shall lead thee. Maybe the GOP would be better off,” Sharpton said at the conclusion of the broadcast.

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