Regime in Panic: Saber Rattling on Iran

Here’s a story. It’s a UK Telegraph story. This story convinces me that I’m right, even though I don’t need to be convinced that I’m right. But nevertheless the story does. I believe that Obama’s internal poll numbers are bad, I think they have been bad for a long time, and I think they are deteriorating because I don’t think the White House would have allowed this statement to be made. It will be interesting to see how widespread this news ends up being.

UK Telegraph, get this: “The United States has acknowledged the existence of a full-fledged military plan to attack Iran, significantly increasing tensions with Tehran ahead of crucial nuclear negotiations next week. Daniel Shapiro, Washington’s ambassador to Israel, warned the Iranian regime that only ‘a brief window’ now existed to settle the impasse over its nuclear program through democracy. Issuing one of the most candid assessments yet made by a senior American official, he assured Israel that, if diplomacy failed, the United States was fully prepared to resort to military force to end the threat the Jewish state says it faces from a nuclear-armed Iran.”

They haven’t gotten close to saying anything like this. In fact, this administration is more popularly known for telling Israel: If you go in there, we are not gonna help you. If you move into Iran, we’re not gonna be there to help you, and we are not gonna back you up, and we are gonna be highly critical of it if you do. And now all of a sudden they have authorized our ambassador to Israel to tell Tehran that we have a full-fledged military plan ready to implement. That is election-year stuff, and if they’re popping it out now on May 17th, my instincts are that their internal polling numbers are not well and are deteriorating to boot.



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