President Obama as Loki – Confusing Government with God

Everybody believes in God. Some believe that they are god or at least a godly essence — a part of all that’s god in an impersonal cosmos pulsating with ‘divine’ energy. Others believe in a pantheon of higher beings, while some put their faith in the vagaries of reason that can’t be accounted for in a matter-only world. And still others believe that the collective is god or can be become god if it’s given enough power and authority. In this view, we must decrease while it increases. Obama, like so many government officials, believes that government is a god — maybe THE god. “The State gives and the State takes away; blessed be the name of the State” (see Job 1:6).

Loki exemplifies this last view. Loki is the villain in the blockbuster film The Avengers film. With all power in his hands, all will be made right with the world. A person only has to give up one thing.



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