Predictable Sunday Show Lies from Libs

Bob Schieffer at CBS, it’s not going well out there for the Drive-Bys, the State-Controlled Media. They just don’t quite understand. For example, yesterday on Slay the Nation — or Sunday. Feels like Monday. All day yesterday I thought today was gonna be Wednesday. I mean, I spent a lot of time — not a lot of time, but a couple of instances yesterday, “Okay, what do I gotta do tomorrow, tomorrow’s gonna be Wednesday.” I was looking at my calendar for Wednesday stuff I’ve got to do, “Oh, no, that’s Tuesday, I’m free, I’m home clear.” I scheduled nothing, other than the standard, ordinary show prep stuff.

Anyway, Bob Schieffer, Slay the Nation, had Ed Gillespie on, and they were talking about Cory Booker and Obama’s hostility to business and so forth, and Schieffer tried to blame Romney for all this. He said to Gillespie, “Isn’t it a fair thing that Governor Romney’s the one that started this, the attacks on Bain?” Romney started this. I mean, he’s the one who came in and started talking about all these jobs he had created when in fact — I mean, venture capitalists don’t sit at the table and say, “Let’s think about some plan to see how we can create a bunch of jobs.” They sit down and say, “Let’s figure out how we can make some money here.”

So Ed Gillespie said, “Well, Bob, there’s a correlation between making money and growing a company and then job creation. It kind of all is tied together,” but what he was trying to say, Bob, old buddy, old pal was that you grow the business first. The purpose, the motivation, the inspiration is to have a business that’s in trouble, you save it, you bail it out, or a start-up, either way, you want to grow it. And you grow it, and you need people when you grow it. It’s a fine line here. These libs are trying to find any dirt on Romney. They’re trying to find any insensitivity. So here we are in a period of time where there is no job growth, there is no job creation. In fact, a lot of people — gonna have more details on this — a lot of people are gonna be losing unemployment benefits in the next couple of weeks, couple of months, and that’s gonna result in the unemployment rate coming down.



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