Poll Numbers, Voter Registration Stats Look Bad for Obama and Democrats

There are two stories today that are aimed at helping Obama. One of them’s in the Washington Post. I forget where the other one is. They’re trying to explain our dismal unemployment numbers. And they say: You know, folks, it’s not really as bad as everybody thinks. What’s happening is the Baby Boomers are retiring. That’s why the labor force participation rate is so low. The Baby Boomers are just retiring!

That is such smoke that they are blowing. I harped on this on Thursday and Friday last week. Forget percentages. The number of people, adults, not working in this country is 88 million, out of an adult population of 200 million. That’s simply unacceptable. That doesn’t equal a great nation. That doesn’t equal national productivity. That does not equal a growing economy. Eighty-eight million people not working!

And if you want to try to come in here and massage it and say, “Well, yeah, but some of them are retired Baby Boomers, it’s really not that bad.” It doesn’t matter. Still able-bodied people, 88 million of them, are not working. The numbers of people on food stamps today versus the beginning of the decade doubled or tripled. So we’re clearly trending in the direction of France, but that’s what this election’s about. We’re gonna find out. This election is about stopping that trend, or at least slowing it down.



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