Pig Maher Indoctrinates Students on Capitalist-Socialist Hybrids

You walk into your American Politics-101 class and what do you see? Photos of all the U.S. Presidents, mayhaps? Classmates actively texting taking notes while sipping on their third cup of coffee? Bill Maher and mtvU cameras at the front of the room? How about all of the above?

This Monday, on a new episode of mtvU’s Stand In, the political commentator and host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher will make his way to the front of a UCLA lecture hall to talk socialism and capitalism in America. Successful democracies tend to be capitalist-socialist hybrids, he explains to the class. “But for some reason, ‘socialism’ got to be a very dirty word in this country. It’s what they always throw at Obama, right?”

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