Ever feel judged when you bring some non-organic, foreign-grown, out-of-season melon to a potluck, or forget your reusable bag?

Msnbc has this funny anecdote from a woman trying to buy a fruit platter from a snobby organic produce guy in Seattle:

And he was like, ‘If you want fruit platters, go to Safeway. We’re organic.’ I finally bought a small cake and some strawberries and then at the check stand, the guy was like ‘You didn’t bring your own bag? I need to charge you if you didn’t bring your own bag.’ It was like a ‘Portlandia’ skit. They were so snotty and arrogant.

Her story underscored a new study that found that exposure to organic foods correlated with higher levels of self-righteousness. Researchers at Loyola University in New Orleans divided people into groups. They showed some people organic foods and other people non-organic and comfort foods.

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