Obama’s Public Equity Failures

Now for some reason I’m obsessed here with this Bain Capital stuff even though I know it’s backfiring on them. But every time I listen to someone like Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz or some of these other people, I get worked up. When I listen to Obama talk about it and the abject lies that they’re telling about private equity in general, these are full-fledged, all-out assaults on capitalism, which burns me. Obama is running for reelection and running against capitalism, telling lies about people who are doing good things.

Bain Capital targeted nobody!

Bain Capital is invited in!

Companies were headed south. Bankruptcy was in their future. They asked Bain to come in and save them. And they had an 80% success rate. And Romney was not there for the longest period of time that they’ve been around. Romney was there in the founding days, but he hasn’t been there in years. He did good work when he was there. In fact, at the time of the specific assaults that Obama is waging against Bain Capital, Romney wasn’t there! Obama can’t even tell the truth about that, about this steel company.

Yeah, they got eight years out of it after Bain took it over.

If Bain hadn’t come in, that steel company and everybody who worked there woulda gone under immediately, or within a few short months.



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