Obama’s Platform: On the Govt Breast

Okay, we know the name of the woman and her child from the cover story on TIME Magazine. I thought her name would be “Julia,” but her name is not Julia. Her name is Jamie Lynn Grumet. She 26. Her kid is three. She’s described in the TIME Magazine as “a 26-year-old, stay-at-home, homeschooling mother of two in Los Angeles who writes a blog about parenting issues. She is an advocate of [Dr. Bill] Sears’ work [on child-rearing] and of breastfeeding, and often posts photos of herself breastfeeding her son on her blog.”

That’s probably how TIME Magazine came across it.

“The main story is” not about her. She’s just the cover photo. “The main story [in TIME] is about Sears, a pediatrician known as ‘Dr. Bill’ who has written more than 30 books on parenting…” He promotes “‘attachment parenting,’ a child-rearing philosophy in which parents … are encouraged to be more ’emotionally available'” to their kids. Attachment parenting “advocates breastfeeding, [says no to] spanking children and other kinds of corporal punishment… Grumet’s son, Aram, the boy in the cover photograph, will be 4 next month. Grumet said in the interview that her mother breast-fed her until she was 6.”

And then we’re gonna do a mock-up of what it really means, and we’re gonna replace 26-year-old Jamie Grumet with the Statue of Liberty, and the kid is going to be suckling the breast of the Statue of Liberty. And it will be called: “Obama’s Child-Rearing Technique.” That’s what I thought that it was gonna be. Replace the mother with a Statue of Liberty and the kid sucking on the government’s breast. Do that, and you’ve got the Obama platform.



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