Obama’s Attack on Bain Capital Backfires: The President is Campaigning Against Profit

This attack on Bain… I told you this was gonna happen. I told you this is why Obama wanted Romney. Way back during the Republican primaries I said Republicans are gonna nominate Romney. That’s what Obama wants because of health care, and because of Wall Street. That’s what Occupy Wall Street’s about, going after Romney. And Obama has now come out and admitted it, that this campaign is gonna be about Bain Capital. It’s backfiring everywhere you look, from Cory Booker to now Fast Eddie Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania.

All these Democrats are piping in, “Wait a minute, you know, we kind of like private equity, private equity guys.” They’re all Democrat donors. The private equity guys, the hedge fund guys, the Bain Capitals, these are the people that invest in the states these governors like, in projects these governors need and want, and these governors particularly like these guys, and these guys donate to Democrats in large part, including to Obama. In fact, Obama is the number one recipient of campaign cash from private equity people. Oh, yeah, he is. Even the governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, has come out and backed up Cory Booker. Everybody’s backing up Cory Booker except Cory Booker, who was taken to the woodshed and had to do his little video.



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