Obama to Wage Campaign Based on Fear

New York Magazine, John Heilemann. This is the coauthor of the book Game Change, that made the movie, Sarah Palin, the absolute worst thing that happened to America. Sarah Palin, the absolute worst thing that ever happened to John McCain. Sarah Palin, the absolute worst thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. Those guys. It’s a long piece. And his point is that for Obama and company this time around, it’s all about fear. There’s no hope and change. There’s no bringing people together. There’s no unity. There’s no postracial, no postmodernism, no post anything. We’re not unified. The world is not in love with us. All of the stuff that was promised or alluded to in 2008, down the tubes now.

But this guy, the author, John Heilemann, gets it right this time around. It’s all about fear. Obama’s got nothing to run on. So he’s gonna try to scare the public with clever ads and half-truths, 100% lies, anything that he can use. Here, let me read one sentence. This is a long piece. I’m not gonna bore you with the whole thing, but I think I can get to the nub of this with the sentence here that’s near the end of this long story. “For all their brio, Obama’s people know their campaign could be derailed by myriad events outside their control.” That’s the key. For all of their brio, for all their confidence, it’s their time.



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