Obama planning late-year surprise?

A new poll shows Barack Obama trailing likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney in North Carolina – home of the upcoming Democratic Convention – by eight percentage points, and that has some Republicans seeing hope for ousting the incumbent, but also fearful of a late-year Obama surprise.

Among them is conservative giant Rush Limbaugh, who warned, “I wouldn’t rule out something happening wherever the Democrat Convention is. I don’t know what it would be.”

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“As president, Obama can do a lot of things later on in the year,” he continued. “He can pull all kinds of rabbits out of his hat.”

“Obama sometime this summer, October, could decide to forgive all student loans to get the youth vote. He can do that, he could propose it. It doesn’t have to happen. He can say he wants it just like he said he hopes one day that same-sex people can get married. …



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