Obama: Low Character in High Office

I’m gonna tell you something. This Obama character is showing everybody what low character in high office is all about. This spiking the football two days in a row, actually three, over getting Bin Laden. You know, there’s only one guy who said we shouldn’t go get Bin Laden. You know who it was? It was Biden. Vice President Biden. I have the story. It was an ABC News story, and it’s from January 30th of 2012: “Joe Biden Advised Against the Osama Bin Laden Raid.”

Not Mitt Romney. Not John McCain. Not Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden is the only guy that said: Don’t go get Bin Laden. And Obama’s out there ticking off everybody with this. So, you know, we are our choices, folks. Barack Hussein Obama chose to figuratively parade Osama Bin Laden’s dead body around the public square in an attempt to bring singular glory to himself. How pathetic. The guy they had to drag off the golf course. The UK Daily Mail, there’s all kinds of blog stories today, Internet stories with the picture of that great group of courageous heroes in the Situation Room watching the raid take place.



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