NBC’s Campaign Infomercial on Osama Kill: Obama Had No Choice — and He Made It

By the way, Osama Bin Laden is still dead, and the victory lap is still going. There was an NBC infomercial last night with Brian Williams. Obama was walking everybody through the minefield that was the decision to order the strike to send a SEAL team into “Pok-ee-stahn” and to go in there and get Osama Bin Laden. I guess you do have to give Obama credit: He had no choice — and he made it. What would you do if you’re president and the guy is a sitting duck? He’s right there! All he’s got in his hand is a remote control clicker.

Obama says (paraphrased), “Well, it was a tough decision because you remember what happened to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter decided to go in there and rescue some people in Iran and had a dust storm screw up the helicopters! I mean, it coulda turned out disastrously for me politically.” And I told you, I had a source. I had a source and couldn’t tell you who the source was. The source told me they had to drag him off the golf course! He admits that in the little infomercial with Brian Williams.

Obama made such a sacrifice that he only played nine holes. He admitted he played golf that day. He came off the course after nine holes to be hustled into the “Sit’chi’ation Room” to sit there and watch this politically risky attack on Osama. Yeah, he admitted it.



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