So a mockery was made of the first day of the military tribunal involving Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. An utter mockery. The first day was televised on closed-circuit so 9/11 families could watch the proceedings, and it was an utter disaster. The judge lost control. The defendants… I’ll tell you, the decision to not have this trial in New York City looks brilliant now, based on what happened with the military tribunal the first day ’cause it was an absolute circus. The four defendants were making a mockery of the whole process, a mockery of the United States.

They were sneering and laughing at the deaths of all the people they killed on 9/11 and they expressed desire to do it again. One of the lawyers for one of the terrorists, a woman by the name of Cheryl Bormann (she’s counsel for defendant Walid bin Attash), “attended the arraignment Saturday dressed in a hijab, apparently because her client insisted on it.” She wore a burqa! She showed up looking like a woman out in public in Saudi Arabia. But it wasn’t enough that she dress that way.

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