Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams in Fiery Clash Over Occupy Violence and Tea Party ‘Racism’

Sean Hannity brought in Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams to discuss the Occupy movement on Wednesday night. As Hannity and Malkin criticized the movement’s violence, Williams defended it, pointing to Tea Party racism — an assertion that sent the segment spiraling into a fiery clash with Malkin.

The problem, Hannity said, is that President Obama and Nancy Pelosi “praised the movement at the time,” even “though from the very beginning, we saw a rape, protective tent being set up for women in New York. We saw violence in a number of these movements.”

Williams said, “I don’t think they’re praising what you think they’re praising, Sean.” There hasn’t been much support for people who are “psychiatric cases,” he said. Hannity then played a clip of Obama saying the movement “expresses the frustrations of the American people” and Pelosi saying, “God bless them for their spontaneity. […] It’s young. It’s spontaneous. It’s focused. And it’s going to be effective.”



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