Joe Biden Goes Nuts in Ohio

I played some sound bites of Joe Biden yesterday. He literally lost it. Just lost control, and it sounds that way. When you see the video — we’re gonna play the sound bites again with a couple of new ones — when you see Biden saying what you’re going to hear, he looks off balance, out of kilter, not all there in the eyes. It is the strangest, strangest thing. And everybody was talking about it yesterday. Was he doing it on purpose? What’s he up to here? One of the theories is that Biden is genuinely fearful that they’re gonna get rid of him, and he’s doing everything he can to stay on the ticket.

In fact, that theory has it that Biden purposely went on Meet the Press and said that as far as the administration is concerned, same-sex marriage is totally acceptable to us now, totally fine. I have no problem with it. And of course we’ve now heard that that was not planned, and that this forced poor old Obama’s hand because Obama really wasn’t through evolving. But this sped up Obama’s evolving. Because Obama had already reached his decision. He let the cat out of the bag to Robin Roberts. He had already reached his decision. He just didn’t want to announce it now. He wanted to announce it either before the convention or sometime this summer to get more bang out of it.

Now, there’s another theory going around to indicate the nervousness on the Obama side. That story in the Washington Post last week about Romney bullying that blond-headed, long-haired, maggot-infested guy at the prestigious school. Front page, Washington Post. The story smacked of desperation, and it turned out not to be true to boot. And so one of the theories is that everybody on the Obama side is panicking right now because nobody thought that Obama would be where he is in the polls. Nobody thought he’d be as laughed at, not taken seriously, that everybody on the Obama side, including the media, is sort of out of kilter because they really expected to be able to relive the 2008 campaign, to re-create the whole messianic business, going to North Carolina, the convention at Bank of America Stadium.



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