How to Fix CNN

Carol Costello is the CNN reporter that’s assigned to follow me around in the news and then report on what I’m doing. Of course, Carol never listens to the program or calls me. To report what we’re doing she reads Media Matters or listens to excerpts of sound bites of the program to learn — it’s amazing how so few — and this one of Bob’s points, by the way. All the news media’s liberal, and here they’re writing on me, for example, or on his magazine. They don’t read his magazine when they write, they don’t listen to this radio show when they write about it. They have to go somewhere else to find out what they think happened here.

At any rate, he was scheduled to be interviewed in a typical book publicity interview on CNN by Carol Costello and his book publicist received word that he had been disinvited. The reason CNN disinvited him is because Bob had called Obama a stealth socialist. And that, they thought, at CNN was being rude to Obama. So no appearance on CNN with Ms. Costello. And I have this on highest authority from somebody at American Spectator. American Spectator, by the way, is where Jeff Lord works, who’s been doing some fabulous reporting on the left lately, ever since this phony Republican War on Women stuff.

Now, you look at all the names that CNN people called George Bush. Hitler, Bush-this, but maybe what upset CNN was that Bob calls him a stealth socialist. Maybe they’re upset that he didn’t call him a full-fledged out-of-the-closet socialist. Maybe they’re upset he called him “stealth.” Anyway, he was disinvited because of this. What I would do with CNN — well, it’s not hard. Basically, what I would do is I would have every editor there listen to this program and then, in primetime, everything we covered on this program would be treated as the news of the day, ’cause that’s what I do. I do the news of the day. They ignore the stuff that we find on this program. I just put the news on that they don’t find interesting or that they don’t think is news.



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