How Do You Like the Supposed GOP Plan for the SCOTUS Ruling on Obamacare?

“The post-Supreme Court plan — a ruling should come in June — has long been whispered about inside House leadership circles and among the House’s elected physicians but is now being discussed with a larger groups of lawmakers, showing that Republicans are aggressively preparing for a big-time health care debate in the heat of an election-year summer. On Tuesday, the major options were discussed during a small closed meeting of House Republican leaders, according to several sources present. Then on Wednesday, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) gave the entire House Republican Conference a preview of where the party is heading. His message: ‘When the court rules, we’ll be ready.’ But Boehner warned that they’ll relegislate the issue in smaller, bite sizes, rather than putting together an unwieldy new health care bill.”

I don’t know if they’re floating a trial balloon here to gauge your reaction to this, which is entirely possible. By the way, it’s not new. I’ve heard it said before that the Republicans think holding on to the kids on your policy ’til they’re 26 and the preexisting conditions, we don’t want to get rid of that, no, no, no, people like that. We’ve gotta find a way to keep that. You know, that’s been whispered about ever since Obamacare was signed into law, and it has been a point of contention with conservative Republican voters who want this whole thing thrown out. If the court throws it out, don’t put some of it back. This goes to the whole point, they set the premise, and then we end up reacting to it.

So the premise is, we gotta have a major health care bill. All right, so we have to have a major health care bill. Okay, so Republicans, we’ll do one, but it’ll be smarter and it’ll be better and it’ll be smaller. And that’s the way these things go. So I’m just gonna put it to you. Supreme Court overturns all of health care, just a hypothetical, do you want the Republicans writing a new piece of legislation that would contain provisions for letting your kids stay on your policy ’til he or she’s 26 and forcing insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions? I must tell you, when you force insurance companies to cover X, you don’t have insurance anymore.



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