“Gutsy Call” Celebration Week Continues

It’s “Gutsy Call” Day. Isn’t that what they’re calling this? Gutsy Call Day! It was Obama’s “gutsy call” to go out there and get Osama. How long is this Gutsy Call Day going to last? You know, we joked last week that it would probably become a national holiday. But it’s bigger than just a one-day celebration. You realize it’s been going on for a week now? They started this stuff last week, the big buildup. Yesterday was the big day, and they’re still talking about it today.

But I vowed at the top of this program not to be distracted by this, so we’re waiting ’til the third hour before we play any Obama speech excerpts from last night. And, by the way, a lot of people are sending me e-mail (impression), “You know, Rush, this guy goes over there in the middle of the night make a speech. What do you make of that?” He was simply timing it to appear on primetime in America. That’s all. There’s nothing even security-oriented about going over there at night. That’s the only reason he did it then was so whatever time it is there, it’d be on primetime here.



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