Forward: the “progressive” illusion

May Day presents a good occasion for taking stock of the Left. Their projects are not faring well within the Western world. The new buzz word is “austerity,” which is what happens when yesterday’s socialists promises prove as hollow as their critics warned.

The era of austerity dawns with riots in the streets, and warnings from leftist intellectuals that significant cuts to government spending are impossible, because they would cut the feeding tubes to an entirely dependent populace. Choke off the flow of money from centralized government, and productivity will collapse, while an army of displaced bureaucrats causes unemployment rates to explode.

The foundations of today’s high-tech world were laid in an era of smaller government and greater liberty, in which citizens were more free to take risks in the pursuit of opportunity, and enjoy the rewards of success… but we are told we can never dream of returning to those times. The past was a brutal small-government wasteland, and we are smaller and weaker creatures than our grandparents were.



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