Five Good Reasons to Prevent Taxmageddon

On January 1, 2013, the American people will be hit with the biggest tax hike in history. It’s known as “Taxmageddon,” and it will bring $494 billion in higher taxes resulting from tax policies expiring in seven different categories, on top of new Obamacare tax hikes taking effect. In a new paper, Heritage’s J.D. Foster gives five good reasons for Congress to take action to prevent Taxmageddon before it hits.
1.Families and small businesses should not be threatened by their own government with a devastating tax hike.
2.A massive tax hike would obviously devastate the economy in 2013 and beyond, but the uncertainty about how, when, and even whether Congress will prevent Taxmageddon is already adding to the large cloud of uncertainties hanging over the economy, threatening to slow job growth even further.



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