Does the Democratic Party hate the rich? O’Reilly On Fire: ‘Income Inequality Is Bull!’

“Talking Points” is a regular guy. I think most of you who watch “The Factor” often know that. Sometimes I have been accused of being a bit too regular.

Growing up on Long Island my folks didn’t have very much. We didn’t have air conditioning. Never bought a new car, ate spaghettios and tuna. But never once — never once did my parents show jealousy toward the rich people who lived in Garden City a few miles away. I never heard any of that. I heard save your money and don’t order an appetizer. That’s what I heard.

But America 50 years later is a far different place. Now we have class envy that is being stoked by the Democratic Party. Ironically the media is part of the anti-affluent jihad while many in the media are wealthy themselves. The same thing in Hollywood. You got these pinheads running around supporting the Occupy Wall Street protesters when given the chance some of those occupiers would burn their Hollywood mansions to the ground.



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