Dick Lugar Became Part of the Problem

John Sullivan, the former editor of the National Review, once came up with something that, he might call it Sullivan’s Law. I call it Sullivan’s Law. It’s a profundity. It’s very simple. Here’s what Sullivan says. Any person or organization that is not actively conservative will become liberal. And that is dead on. It’s accurate. It’s inarguable. Conservatism is an intellectual application. It is a pursuit. Even though it is the way most people live their lives, conservatism itself as natural as anything can be ’cause it’s rooted in liberty, is still something that has to be actively affirmed by its practitioners. If they don’t, they will become liberal. Same thing with organizations. Any organization, any think tank, any body of people that is not demonstrably actively conservative will become liberal.

It’s what happened to Lugar. Lugar, I don’t know how conservative he ever really was, but it doesn’t matter. To whatever extent he was conservative, he isn’t any longer. He became a moderate and then for the most part a Beltway establishment politician. The saddest people in Washington today over Lugar’s defeat are Democrats and members of the media. What does that tell you? So here’s Dick Lugar, imagine this. Dick Lugar sending out fliers attempting to get people to vote for him, telling people that his opponent’s gonna shut down the Department of Education, what does he not get? That’s exactly what Indiana conservatives want! Ronald Reagan wanted to shut down the Department of Education.

So here’s Lugar thinking that he’s sending out a flier that is effective in its criticism of his opponent, and he doesn’t realize that he has just given everybody that received that flier a reason to vote for his opponent. “Oh, this Mourdock guy wants to shut down a bureaucracy? Hell, he’s my guy.” Lugar has descended into one who believes that government is the center of the world, center of the universe, everything revolves around it. He’s issued a statement. I guess I should do this after the break at the bottom of the hour. He’s issued the statement, and it’s completely illustrative of what happened to Dick Lugar and what will happen and has happened to every Republican who refuses to stand up for conservatism. They become moderates, then liberals to one degree or another. They end up essentially being on the other team. That’s what happens, and that’s where Lugar was.



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