President Obama lost again last night. Roughly 40% of the vote in Democratic primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia. West Virginia a couple of weeks ago. But Arkansas and Kentucky he lost again, 40% of the vote. The Washington Post has a story. Folks, the pretense is gone. It’s a story by Chris Cillizza. Now, Cillizza didn’t write the headline, but the story gets into this. The headline: “Kentucky, Arkansas Primaries: Is It Racism?” Obama is losing because voters are racist and no longer want a black American as president. It’s not even a pretense anymore. They’re not even holding it out as a possibility. Now it’s the real thing.

“Those headlines have drawn a collective eyeroll from Democrats — and many others who closely follow national politics — who ascribe the underperformance by the incumbent to a very simple thing: racism.” They are pulling out all the cards.

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