Conservatives Can’t Wait to Vote

So the big news yesterday was two things. The evidence that the Tea Party is alive and kicking and ready to make 2012 look just like 2010. Because that’s what yesterday was. Yesterday was the continuation of the 2010 midterm elections. The Democrats in some places, Democrat voters, launched a war on Obama. The Democrats did not turn out in Wisconsin, despite millions of dollars spent by unions.

Republicans turned out in greater numbers to vote for Scott Walker when they didn’t need to. He wasn’t challenged. There was no reason for Republicans to show up whatsoever. Why did they, then? Why did more people vote for Scott Walker yesterday in Wisconsin than the two Democrats (who are in a very heated contest) combined? The answer is simple: Republicans are waiting to be unleashed! Conservatives, more specifically, are fed up. Conservatives are fit to be tied.

They’re angry as how they’re being portrayed in the media. They’re angry at how Obama’s being propped up. They’re angry at the lack of truth being reported about their country. They can’t wait to show up and show the rest of the country what’s really going on. They can’t wait to prove who they are and who this country is. That’s why Republican turnout’s through it roof. That’s why conservative turnout is through the roof.

People love their country, and this is how they show it. This is how they answer all the lies, the misrepresentations, all of the faux journalism that’s taking place. “Okay, you want some reality? Here’s an election. Take this!”



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