CNN: GOP Voters are White, Aging, Dying

From CNN: “When presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appears before Latino small business owners in Washington on Wednesday, he’ll address a group whose explosive birth rates foreshadow a seismic political shift in GOP strongholds in the Deep South and Southwest. ‘The Republicans’ problem is their voters are white, aging and dying off,’ said David Bositis, a senior research associate at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, who studies minority political engagement. ‘There will come a time when they suffer catastrophic losses with the realization of the population changes.'”

Now, this is a Pew Hispanic Center study. It’s from last week. This is about more minorities are now being born in America than whites, and the media is thrilled about it. But I have to mention this. The black population in this country has recently declined from 13% to 12%. We never hear about that for some reason. We’re never told that their desires should consequently be ignored. But here we have a story, Republican voters: white, aging, and dying off, and part of the story is that they should be paid less attention to. They’re not the power they once were so we don’t need to pay nearly as much attention. But the black population is down to 12% from 13% and there’s no correlating similar statement.



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