Campaign Advice for Mitt Romney

You know what Ray Kroc said, the great capitalist and founder of McDonald’s? He said when your opponent’s drowning, you don’t throw him an anvil. You put a garden hose in their mouth and turn it on. That’s what he said. That’s what Ray Kroc said. If the guys over at Burger King are drowning, here’s a garden hose right in the oral cavity. Bam! You turn it on.

You know, Romney’s quick response is good. He said, “Look, will you get off of this President Obama? We gotta get serious.” I like the Romney rapid response here. But in the overall general campaign, Romney is going to have to… This is where people are nervous about Romney, I think. This is what he’s going to have to do. This is an election about two visions of America. (interruption) What Jimmy Carter would do? (interruption) Who said that? Romney said even Jimmy Carter would make the call? Well, yeah, but Carter’s helicopter would have crashed into some desert if he did it.

I tell you, I was more impressed that Zsa Zsa Huffington opposed it. And she was so plainspoken, she didn’t need a translator. Zsa Zsa Huffington thinks that what Obama’s doing with Osama Bin Laden is “despicable.” That’s her word. That’s what Zsa Zsa thinks, and she’s so well spoken and so passionate on this, you did not need a translator to understand she was saying “despicable.” You could understand it yourself. (interruption) Eh, Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter. “If I had a son grew up to be president, he’d look a little like Obama, and he would complete my second term.” Jimmy Carter? The Democrats don’t even like Jimmy Carter, the upper echelons.



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