Bill Clinton Undercuts Obama, Calls for Middle Class Tax Increase

And our old buddy Bill Clinton, who, by the way, Bill Clinton’s back, and Bill Clinton’s back calling for tax increases on the middle class, ladies and gentlemen. It’s right here in The Politico.

“Bill Clinton said Tuesday that President Barack Obama’s goal of hiking taxes on the rich alone is not enough to solve the country’s fiscal woes and suggested that middle class Americans must also eventually contribute more.” (imitating Clinton) “Look, this is just me now. I’m not speaking for the White House. I think you could tax me, you know, Hillary and I, we’re rich now, and I think you could tax me at a hundred percent and you wouldn’t balance that old budget. The fact of the matter is you could tax me, you could tax Limbaugh, you could tax O’Reilly, you could tax everybody out there, you could tax me and Hillary, and you still wouldn’t balance the budget. We are all gonna have to contribute to this. And if middle-class people’s wages were going up again, and we had some growth in the economy, I don’t think they would object to going back to tax rates of when I was president.”

Now, is this guy doing Obama any favors here? Bill Clinton comes out, calls for tax increases on the middle class. Let’s take the rates back to when he was president. I mean what is Obama doing? Obama’s out there on this class envy tour trying to make everybody believe that the reason we have an economic problem is because we have rich people in the first place. The second thing is, to solve it we’ve gotta tax ’em, we gotta tax that 1%. They are the problem.



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