Barack Obama: The Spending King

I had that story yesterday. In fact, I saw that stupid story yesterday and I sent it to everybody I know. And I said, “We’re gonna have to deal with this. This has come out of left field. It’s come out of the blue. We’re gonna have to deal with this.” And then I didn’t get to it yesterday. I put it so far down in the Stack. It’s this story about how Obama’s not really spending all that much money. Obama’s probably the most fiscally responsible president we’ve had in 25 or 30 administrations. I mean, that’s the story. Some guy named Nutting at MarketWatch. I thought MarketWatch used to be CBS. Now it’s Wall Street Journal. This guy Nutting goes back and forth. He’s got this big story out there that it’s a myth that Obama’s a big spender.

The way he does it is to say that all the spending in 2009, which would include the stimulus, was Bush’s because the budget for 2009 was Bush’s, done in September of 2008. So Obama’s first year is actually Bush’s last budget. But Bush didn’t budget the Porkulus. Bush didn’t budget the second Porkulus. It’s a trillion dollars of spending that this guy Nutting lops on to Bush and doesn’t give to Obama. But that doesn’t even cover what’s going on here. I sent it around to everybody, I said, “You better look out for this.” And what’s happened now, Obama has taken the bait on this. Obama’s running around like everybody else knowing full well that he’s the spending king. Everybody knows it. This was a really lame attempt. But when I sent this story around to my buddies and my friends and everybody, I said, “Look, this is gonna get picked up today by the Drive-Bys, and it’s going to be the narrative from now to who knows when.”

All it takes is just this one story, this one assertion, this one opinion piece from this guy. Lo and behold, by the middle of the afternoon yesterday, after the program was over, you had the spokeskid, Jay Carney, citing the piece, and Obama citing the piece, and I think it’s kind of hilarious. It’s almost like Obama has taken the bait now. Not that this guy intended to bait Obama. I think the story ends up being the bait ’cause it isn’t true. But here’s Obama, three-and-a-half years knowing full well how much he’s spending because he intends to. It’s part of his plan. His spending is directly tied and correlated to the shrinkage of the private sector, which he also intends.

This statistic doesn’t lie. Obama has added more to the national debt in three-and-a-half years than all the previous presidents combined. His deficits are more than all the previous presidents combined. How do you do that if you’re not a record setting spender? So Obama and Carney, everybody in the regime, they know full well that they’re the spending kings. And all of a sudden the story comes out and they point to it like first graders who have just been exonerated for not breaking the window. “See? He did it! He did it! I didn’t do it. He did it.” And so now they’re out there defending this thing, and it can be easily refuted honestly and truthfully, which the Drive-Bys are not gonna do. The Drive-Bys are gonna pick it up and run with it.



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