Are Democrats Finally Seeing What We Knew About Obama Four Years Ago?

Okay, so Mr. Gogel of the private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, says that when Obama’s minions come to raise money they wink and they say, “Look, we don’t really hate you. We just have to say we do. We’ve gotta do these things to get elected. We have to criticize what you do. After we get elected, it’s all gonna be fine.” So essentially Obama’s minions say to the private equity guys, “My base is so stupid, they hate your guts, and I’ve gotta make ’em think I hate your guts too in order to get elected. But after I get elected, it’s gonna be cool.” He said the same thing to Dmitry Medvedev. “Look, tell Vladimir after the election I’ll have a lot more flexibility on getting rid of nukes.” Thing is, he was not lying to Medvedev. He was lying to the fat cats. He is lying to the private equity guys.

Every syllable he says is the truth when he talks about hating people who pursue profit, because this guy is running against capitalism, in the midst of an economic recession. How bizarre is this? To run against capitalism when your country is in the middle of a recession, when you’re trying to get the economy to expand, and when you say you’re trying to get businesses to hire. It is perverse. It’s perverse unless you don’t want the economy to expand, unless you want to prolong the misery in order to pass more safety net welfare funding. We all know Obama wants to expand the government. The fact that 88 million Americans are not working, but that they are eating, Obama loves, because he’s the one getting credit for feeding them, in his mind. And not only are they eating, they’ve got their televisions and they’ve got their cell phones, and they’ve got cable. And a number of these 88 million who aren’t working but have food, have cable, have cell phones, and have flat screens, may be saying, “What more do I need?”



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