I’ll tell you what, folks, I really, really hope the Republicans, the Republicans in Congress, the RNC, anybody, super PACs, I hope they are writing down everything Obama is saying about how he has cut spending, how he wants to cut spending, how he has not spent it all, because when the next debt deal comes up, guess who is not going to be talking about cutting spending? That’s right. Barry Obama. Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm, is gonna be moving for the debt limit to be expanded, be raised, be elevated. Why? So he can spend more money.

I’ll tell you, there is panic out there, folks. I’ve been telling you I don’t know how many months now, there’s real panic. There is panic over two things. The Bain attack on Romney isn’t working. And all of these Democrat consultants and all of the Democrat cable TV hosts and the Democrat media people, they are beside themselves. It isn’t working. They are also very worried that Obama is doubling down on it now in the midst of it not working. He’s doubling down on it, amidst stories we’ve now got a private equity Democrat backer for Obama who’s leaving him.

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