Why Can’t GOP Candidates Sound Like Rush?

I think with Republican candidates across the board there seems to be a reluctance to actually criticize Obama and in a truthful way. I mean this war on women, you all know it’s contrived. It’s totally made up. And I’m gonna tell you, I’m just like you are. Don’t think I’m not. I sit out here and I watch this crap, and my blood boils. There is so much phoniness. There is so much, I don’t even know how to describe it. Lies. The news media narrative every day is one lie, one false premise after another, and then we see the attorney general praising Al Sharpton, holding him up as some paragon of virtue. And you’re living by the rules and you’re trying to do everything the best you can. You’re trying to get your kids educated and keep them on the straight and narrow and away from all of the really, really problematic temptations they face every day. And you watch perversion be rewarded. You watch lying win.

You see a literal false concept created, like this war on women, which is on its surface absurd. Republicans hate women. It’s patently absurd. It is worthy of derision and laughter. It doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. It’s that beneath the dignity of everybody. Republicans are women. Republicans have children. Republicans have women who want jobs. It’s ridiculous to say that there’s a war on women, and you want Romney to say this because you hear me so effectively say it. And you want the issue done away with. You want the issue tossed. You want it effectively buried, and you want it hung around Obama’s neck and the whole Democrat Party’s neck as an albatross. You want them to sink.

I hear with you. I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way. I’m just as frustrated by all this as you are. Every bit of it. You think I don’t get frustrated? You know what I’m faced with here today? I’m not complaining. I’m just illustrating here. I’m doing show prep late last night, and show prep this morning, I get here and I find out that once again they’re invoking Reagan and tax rates and tax cuts. And I’m asking myself, after being on the air for 23 years, do I really have to tell everybody again that Reagan reduced tax rates from 70 to 28%? That Reagan did not support tax increases for the rich? Do I have to? And the answer is yes, because those people keep spreading the lie, and they have the media, and they’re doing it in schools at all levels. And, yeah, I have to keep countering the lies ’cause that’s all they have, and that’s all they use and that’s all they employ. And they do have to be countered.



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