Now, I got an e-mail note from a friend. “Hey, Rush, why are the markets plunging? Volume is at a four-year low.” So I looked up there. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 149. That’s no big deal. We’re still at 12,700, but volume, trading is down. The amount of activity going on in the stock market is at a four-year low. I don’t know. I guess they read that Obamacare is gonna add to the deficit. Maybe these people up there just figured that out for the first time today. Folks, today’s report did remind me of one thing about Obamacare that I had almost forgotten. Not only does Obamacare create a new tax on the uninsured and employers who don’t provide insurance — that’s the fine — and the requirement to buy it.

That’s the requirement to buy health insurance or pay a fine if you don’t. Now, the regime has gone back and forth on whether or not they’re gonna call that a tax. When they call it a tax is at the Supreme Court. They say, “Hey, this is not a mandate. This is not violation. We have the power to levy taxes.” But it also puts a new tax on people who have insurance already, people who have what Obama calls “high-end insurance.” Even they have to pay a tax under Obamacare. Everybody gets soaked here, and that’s why there are 4,000 new IRS agents to secure compliance with a piece of legislation that everybody thinks is about making them well when they get sick.

And I think the question should be asked frequently: “What do 4,000 IRS agents have to do with making sick people well?” Why are they even needed? And the regime, by the way, just this week (or maybe it was Friday, I forget which) confirmed that the 4,000 agents are being hired and $500 million is being diverted from somewhere to hire them.

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