The “War on Women” Blows Up on the Regime Like a North Korean Rocket

Yesterday the coordinated, phony “war on women” backfired, just as the North Korean missile did. But do you know Joe Biden is still out there talking about the war on women? He didn’t get the memo that the war on women blew up on them yesterday. He’s still out there saying it’s happening and it’s gonna get worse, and the Republicans are gonna get even meaner. Biden, by the way, gave one-and-a-half percent of his income to charity on his income tax. Employment statistics show that Obama’s war on the economy has hurt women the most. This is incontrovertible news, we’ve had it. This week there was an unexpected soft jobs report, unexpected rise in the number of applications for unemployment. Gas prices are creeping ever closer to a national average of four dollars a gallon.

Another report out proving Obamacare adds trillions to the deficit, in addition to being twice as expensive. His attack on the Supreme Court backfired, according to polling data. He was caught on a hot mic covering up and selling out the American people and allies to the Russians, promising flexibility on missile defense, after the elections. Tell Vladimir to hang with me, much more flexibility to get rid of our nukes after I win reelection. The Zimmerman affidavit, Alan Dershowitz says that the charging instrument here is so pathetic that it won’t get past the judge. Now, that depends on whether the judge has a backbone. More on that as the program unfolds.

Dozens of former high-level NASA astronauts and engineers and scientists have blasted the politicizing of global warming and have denounced the pseudoscience that NASA now peddles. There’s been a revolt inside NASA. The Buffett Rule finally now being called a gimmick by everybody. Everybody’s admitting it’s a gimmick. It’s not anywhere near serious. It’s not gonna raise any revenue. It’s not gonna close the deficit. It’s nothing other than a gimmick.



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