The Obamacare Mandate is Unprecedented

There are a number of stories today on the individual mandate that the court’s deciding, “Hey, that isn’t any big deal. Do you know how many mandates there already are out there?” And one of the mandates that’s already out there that’s being cited by the media — these stories, by the way, are designed to put pressure on and influence the justices of the court, not you. The media has now focused its attention on health care, the Supreme Court, on the justices, and one of the mandates that they are citing is the requirement that when you show up at the emergency room, you must get treated. That is a 1986 law. It happened during the Reagan administration, and they’re trying to say that Reagan was for it, but you have to remember — well, you don’t have to remember; I do. And I will tell you. Reagan shut down the government a number of times.

Reagan made famous a tactic or technique. He’d go to the State of the Union show and he’d hold up the latest omnibus budget, stacked all those pages, and say, “There’s stuff in here that there’s no way in the world I’m in support of but I’ve got no choice. This is take one, take all. I can’t single things out of it I don’t like.” And mandating that everybody get covered could have been something like that in an omnibus budget bill. I don’t know that it was, but it could have been. They’re also trying to say that another mandate is the requirement that we all pay taxes to fund Medicare and Medicaid. And these, while I have to give ’em credit for being really clever and slippery here, they’re not analogous. This Obama mandate that everybody buy health insurance or pay a fine is unprecedented. There’s nothing else like it. It hasn’t happened. It’s not standard operating procedure. It’s not accepted societal norms now, as the solicitor general attempted to argue.



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