The Left Explores “Likability”

Look, let me be honest here. How did Richard Nixon win two landslide elections if likability matters? I’m not denying likability is important, but it can be overcome. I mean, let’s face it, Nixon was not all that likable, but he was considered to be what was needed at the time. David Axelrod, who is Obama’s consigliore, his modus operandi, when he’s not out creating Astroturf projects, has always been defined, or — he’s a consultant and political consultants have their own signature identities and strategies. One of Axelrod’s signature identities has been to find or create a likable candidate out of somebody who is essentially an empty suit, somebody that nobody knows anything about, which is the key.

When nobody knows anything about ’em, you can make them what you want people to think they are. You can manufacture them. It’s like a canvas, and you can paint whatever you want on it and say, “This is who this guy is.” And if there was ever an empty suit that came along in terms of experience, it was Obama. He didn’t have any. I think about this and I still ask myself what in the heck has happened here? How does a guy with no experience at anything pass himself off as an expert in health care and have people believe it? Well, that’s Axelrod’s modus operandi. You create the empty suit, or you find one, and then you make him likable. And then the key to that is you have to hope that voters don’t notice that their elected representatives are governing entirely against their wishes because the candidate’s so likable.



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