The American Left Can’t Figure Out What’s Wrong with What Ozzie Guillen Said

Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Florida Marlins: Suspended for five games for praising Fidel Castro. The American left doesn’t understand how one can be penalized for that. (interruption) Well, Snerdley… Look, I too think we’re getting so far out of hand with what people say here and how we react and how we want to punish them. It’s long gone now. No matter where you turn, the speech police exist. They’re in the media. They’re in the corner grocery store. They’re in the bar. The speech police are everywhere. The speech police want to punish people more for the words they say than for the acts they commit, which may in fact be criminal in some cases.

But if you’re gonna praise Castro, the last thing you do is do it in Miami! When you manage the Florida Marlins, you got a brand-new ballpark and you need bodies in there — you need fans — the last thing you do is go praising Castro! The closest Ozzie got to being truthful is when he said, “Look, what I really admire about the guy is that everybody’s trying to get rid of him for 60 years and he’s still there.” You do have to admire that in a way. Guillen, in his own right, has been lopped — he’s been fired — a lot of times. And anybody who has been fired admires anybody who can hang in there for 60 years and out live the people who want to get rid of ’em. Totally understandable.



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