Shocker: NBC News Doctors a Tape!

We’ve got the NBC edited version of the George Zimmerman 911 call . This is typical. I was being facetious when I opened the program and said I can’t believe NBC would doctor a tape. I can definitely believe NBC would doctor a tape. In fact, I expect NBC, after their investigation, to stand by this thing. You know what they’re gonna say? Well, Zimmerman said it. They didn’t put anything in that Zimmerman didn’t say. They just left out a bunch of stuff he did say, and they left out a question he was asked. But they’ll say he said it. Race is a template in the media. Have you seen the statistics, by the way? When blacks are murdered the vast majority of the murderers are black, that black-on-black crime is just off the charts, that the number of blacks murdered by whites is way down. (interruption) Well, what do you mean I’m not supposed to say that? Yes, there is, and the civil rights coalition acknowledges it, and they don’t care because there’s no racial component.

Remember, this is the race business. It doesn’t matter if the percentages are 1% of black people murdered are murdered by whites, that’s enough to propel the race industry, and they’re gonna focus on it, race, race, race. The fact that the majority of blacks are killed by other blacks. Okay, fine. Let’s leave it out there, it doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant to what we’re talking about, they say. All you need is that one example. And so you’ve got somebody steeped in media traditions at NBC, and that template is almost branded in their brain. It’s almost embellished. And so if they’re reading a transcript and they see that they can assemble the various elements of the conversation in a way that confirms what they believe going in, they’ll do it. And they think they’re performing a service.

They don’t think they’ve doctored anything. They think they’re helping everybody understand what’s really going on here, what really happened, and they’re cutting away all of the irrelevant fat from the story, getting right to the meat and potatoes. That’s what this guy thinks he’s doing. There may be an element of somebody knowingly falsifying this and trying to get away with it. My point to you is that this is so delved in their brains that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with doctoring the tape. Remember, getting to the truth as they see it, and as it’s been explained to them, and as they’ve been taught, is all that matters. Anyway, we’ll play the two segments of the tape to show you what happened, let you hear it.



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