Romney’s Weaknesses Pale in Comparison to the Obama Disaster

In most cases, in circumstances like this, the Democrat Party would be doing everything it could to get Obama not to run. Promise him leader of the world at the UN or something. Get somebody else in there. Even with the media in their back pocket. That’s the frustrating part. This should not be close. And a lot of people think that if we had a pedal-to-the-metal, unafraid, cheerful conservative who every day could explain conservatism — because it is in his heart and he believes it — then it wouldn’t even be a contest. There’s never been this opportunity to draw such a contrast between us and the Democrats. It’s never, ever been this stark. We’re up against, for all intents and purposes, an admitted socialist. (interruption)

No, I said “for all intents and purposes.” He denies it, but there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind. Let’s go to some Romney sound bites. Here is Romney being interviewed on Breitbart TV. And, by the way, when I saw that he did this — I got on a plane last night to fly home and I saw this — I said, “Whoa.” Romney does surprise me, positively, and he’s been doing that more and more lately. And this is one of those pleasant surprises. He was interviewed by Larry O’Connor, the editor-in-chief at Breitbart TV, who said, “We, at Breitbart, and other conservative news sites have been tracking this, and we see all these independent organizations like Media Matters for America and Think Progress.

“They are coordinating with Obama, getting these talking points out, lying about conservatives, lying about us. They’re just literally making stuff up. They are the meanest, unhappiest people in the world out there. Now, you, Governor Romney, you are going to battle with the media, as well as the Democrats. You are going to battle with these nonprofit groups who are all working together. Are you really ready for this?” This was the question: Are you really ready for what’s coming your way. Not just from Obama, but from the media and from all of their support groups, like Think Progress,, Media Matters for America and all of that.



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