Obama Planning Student Loan Payoff to Buy Election?

Obama runs student loan program. Laying this off on Congress? Obama took over the student loan program from private sector banks! You young people need to know this. Barack Obama and the federal government run the student loan program.

And, by the way, what is it? Defaults on the student loans are at a rapid rate, but if you hang on long enough, isn’t…? Oh, I forget this. After so many years, isn’t the student loan just wiped off the books? I forget how many years it is. Don’t quote me on that. I might have that wrong. What would college costs be — would it cost less — if illegal aliens had to pay out-of-state tuition rates? There are a lot of factors in why tuition goes up. You young people ever noticed that price of gas goes up a dime and everybody raises hell. The price of contraception goes up and everybody really raises hell. Price of milk goes up and mothers raise hell. The price of tuition goes up, and nobody raises hell, except the students.

But government never gets on education for overcharging its customers.

We never hear about Big Education being greedy.

We never hear it.

“Tuition goes up? Fine. Cool. That’s where our buddies are. That’s where our liberal professors are.”

So tuition goes up, “Here’s your student loan.”

But I find it very coincidental that within 30 minutes of each other, Sandra Fluke — who, by the way, is being advised by Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen. Anita Dunn and her PR firm and Hilary Rosen are advising Sandra Fluke ever since the contraception thing five weeks ago, or six now. So she has a tweet: “Many students will see the interest rate on Fed #StudentLoans increase if Congress doesn’t act by 7/1.” Within minutes Obama says the same thing. Student loans are forgiven after 25 years. That’s what it is. And Obama wants to reduce it to 20. Student loans are forgiven after 25 years. Now, in his speech at the University of North Carolina Obama said that the increased interest rate would mean another thousand dollars in debt a year for those with student loans.



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