Obama Thinks America as Founded is Unfair

Let me tell you what’s going on. I mentioned this in the third hour of the program, but I want to mention it again just as an overall explanation of Obama and Obamaism. For the past couple of years max, maybe past year and a half, Obama… And he started this at a speech in Osawatomie, Kansas, on an anniversary of a speech given at the same place by Winston Churchill.

And he went out in that speech and basically said that the nation, as founded, had never worked; that this “you’re on your own” economy has never worked. And, by that, he means capitalism. By that, he means rugged individualism, self-reliance. That’s never worked. Obama’s point, ladies and gentlemen, is that the founding of the country was unjust and immoral economically, that it was set up by the equivalent (in those days) of today’s 1%: a bunch of really exclusive, elite, wealthy, old white guys. And they set up this country so as to ensure their own wealth and prosperity while denying opportunities to others. And the way they did it was with this social Darwinism. This “you’re on your own.” They knew that the vast majority of people couldn’t take care of themselves. They knew…



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