Obama in a Nutshell: I Want Your Money, Because I’ll Spend It Better and Fairer Than You Will

If you add the reduction in the labor force participation rate — which is the universe number of jobs, the total number of jobs available, which is down over two million since Obama was inaugurated — we’ve got an utter disaster on our hands. We have a literal economic disaster on our hands. And while we have this literal economic disaster on our hands, we have Obama and the Democrats telling us that it’s the fault of the way the country was founded. That’s what Obama means when he says, “Uh, you’re out for yourself. This is a you’re on-your-own economy. It’s never worked!” He’s talking about capitalism.

He’s talking about free markets — the basis of the founding of the country. What he wants you to believe is that this mess that we’re in took 200-plus years, but by 2006 or 2007, it started to fall apart, and he’s saddled with fixing it. This 200-plus years of abject failure just happened to collapse when he was inaugurated, and now he’s got this mess, and he’s got the answers. “We’re gonna do it the fair way. We’re gonna do it the smart way. We’re gonna put people back to work. We’re gonna give people the chance for advancement.” All these wonderful terms, but we’re gonna do it his way. We’re gonna do it with stimulus spending!

And we’re gonna create green jobs (except we’re not).

And we’re gonna create new green energy (except we’re not).

And we’re gonna build roads and bridges and schools and shovel-ready jobs (except we’re not).

But that’s the ticket: Government spending! Debt, deficit, and national debt are on the rise, but that’s the price, folks. This is what we must do to fix a 200-plus-year mistake, given to us by the white Europeans who founded this country. Obama sees the Founding Fathers as “social Darwinists.” Survival of the fittest! They put together a system that said, “If you can take care of yourself and screw other people at the same time, then you can get rich — fabulously rich — and you can build businesses that exploit people. You can build oil companies that pollute the land and destroy the climate.



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