Obama Bashes Big Oil Speculators in Rose Garden Campaign Appearance

Now, I know a lot of you — and, by the way, we now have the month of March ratings data to prove this, but there are many of you listening to this program for the first time, or have come back after not being here for a while. I just have to tell you, and beg the indulgence of the everyday audience, none of what he just said is true. None of it. We have much more than 2% of the world’s proven reserves. We have enough oil, it’s been discovered, and, by the way, this definition requires oil that’s not only been discovered, but that we have the technology to go get it. We have not made the commitment to get it yet, but we have the technology: fracking, shale, any number of ways, it’s there. We have more oil under the ground here than is in Saudi Arabia.

This 20% of the world’s oil or 2% of the world’s population, he got the numbers wrong. The point that the president’s trying to make here is that we’re greedy and selfish. We are but 2% of the world’s population, but we’re using 25% of the world’s oil, and that’s horrible. It means the rest of the world has to bend over and grab the ankles while we take what they have. This is a requirement for leftists. Lay a guilt trip on everybody. Lie. Make up this notion that we’re a superpower, yeah, but we’re greedy and we’re selfish, and we don’t share with people, and we’ve taken what other nations have, and they’re poor as a result. There’s nothing, not one statistic. I think he sounded bored as heck reading this statistic. It’s like he’s getting tired of reading this lie about how drilling for oil has no relation to gasoline prices. But he does it anyway. That’s another thing.

We may as well shut down all oil drilling. If oil’s bad, and if it is destroying the planet, and polluting the air, and the amount of oil we have here, that we drill for, doesn’t affect supply and doesn’t affect price, we may as well shut it down. That would be the logical conclusion of what Obama’s saying here. But I’m just telling you, if you’re new to the program, none of what he said in that sound bite’s true. Not a word of it.



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