Mikhail Gorbachev Endorses Barack Obama

Yeah, I wish you all could have been there. I really do. We solved all the world’s problems. Let’s see. It started Wednesday night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. In three-and-a-half days, we solved the world’s problem. It was the annual “Spring Fling” at my fashionable oceanside estate. I would love to tell you who was there, but it’s like Vegas: What happens there stays there and who shows up always leaves in total secrecy. But, boy, it was tremendous fun. Three-and-a-half straight days of some of the finest intellectual stimulation I’ve had in a long time, three-and-a-half straight days peppered with rounds of golf every day, fine dinners and breakfasts.

So just a great time. It’s always a great time, the annual “Spring Fling.” This is like the seventh one. And I know I’m probably teasing you by telling you all of this and not being able to divulge the attendees. You’d know them all, and none of them were from the world of politics per se. A couple people from news media, some from the sports media, some from sports executive suites, some from the world of authorship and novel writing. Ah, it was just a great time. It always is. Even had an NFL owner drop by for a couple of days, so it was just a hoot.

I’ll find a way to work in all the things that we discussed, the brilliant points that were made. I can’t tell you who was there because of privacy and promises and so forth. Well, I’ll tell you one. Vince Flynn was there with his lovely wife, Lisa. Vince is happy to be known to go anywhere. So he was there. One of the attendees said… You know, we’re looking at the news. We talk about the news that happens during the day at dinner each night, and one of the attendees said, “Can you believe this?” and then offered a point of view, and then said, “The problem is, you can’t say it.”



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