Maybe Sen. McCaskill Can Tell Us Why We Need Thousands of IRS Agents to Provide Health Care

Claire McCaskill, a Senatorette from my home state of Missouri, says, “Let’s try national health care first, let’s just see.” Try it. “During a stop in Springfield this week, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said people need to try President Obama’s national health care plan before they knock it. She says it hasn’t been put in place yet, people are pretty sure they don’t like it, but once they do she goes on to say they will be reminded why health care was reformed in this country. McCaskill says the cases of wrestling with health insurance companies will be gone and people won’t have to worry if their employer is going to drop coverage because its too expensive.” (imitating McCaskill) “And if you don’t have it you’ll have to buy it, and if you don’t buy it you’ll get fined. You should try this; you’ll like it.”

“She also says multimillionaire executives won’t be allowed to pull down huge paychecks and the prexisting condition clause will be done away with.” Really?



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