Maher Reignites the War on Moms

Bill Maher says that what Hilary Rosen really meant to say was that Ann Romney has never had to get out of the house at seven o’clock in the morning in order to get the day started. She had to get the kids out of the house, but she didn’t have to put up with anybody. She didn’t have any dire economic circumstances that she had to deal with. William Jacobson has a blog called Legal Insurrection, and he had a really good post on this subject. And it’s not that long. So allow me to read it to you. “Put aside, for the moment, the snotty and snide aspect of Hilary Rosen’s comment that Ann Romney ‘never worked a day in her life.’

“Put aside, for the moment, the psychological need of liberal female pundits to belittle a woman who chose a different path in life, while the person whom they belittle has no commensurate need to belittle the life choice of the liberal female pundits.” For example, all these leftists are running around ripping into Ann Romney. She doesn’t rip into them for their life choices. She doesn’t raise questions about choices they’ve made, but they are out there doing it about her constantly and about all the rest of us constantly well. “Put aside, for the moment,” Mr. Jacobson notes, “that the liberal female pundits belittling Ann Romney for having lived in an economically privileged position also live an economically privileged life.”

In the case of Hilary Rosen, she was the chief lobbyist for the Recording Industry Association of America. She represented all the record labels in Washington. She was the music version of Jack Valenti, who represented Hollywood that way. And those people are not paid chump change. Hilary Rosen doesn’t have “economic challenges” with her two adopted little kids. And neither does Cokie Roberts, and neither does Soledad O’Brien. Did you hear what Ailes said about Soledad O’Brien? He said, “That’s the woman named after a prison.” Is that not great? Somebody asked him about Soledad O’Brien. (laughing) “You mean the one named after a prison?”



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