Whenever there is a proposal to reduce government spending, the Democrats start talking about these Draconian cuts. “Why, we can’t do that! You can’t tell you cut the budge, all these entitlements! Oh, no! People would starve. The kids would starve. There would be no college student loans!” Obama just went through the litany the other way. I don’t remember specifically what it was.

And the answer is, “Well, you guys loved the Clinton years. That was some of the greatest economic times in the country’s history. You loved Clinton tax increases. Clinton is one of the greatest presidents ever. The country did great! By your own claim, the country was fine and dandy during the eight years of Clinton. Let’s go back to those spending levels!” That is an excellent point. Of course, it’s a rhetorical point because they’re not gonna respond to it. But it’s a great, great illustration. Yeah, the capital gains reductions and all that!

Do everything Clinton did. You know, instead of citing Reagan and all of his so-called tax increases on the rich, why not cite Clinton? There’s a reason for this. Clinton is not as popular as they want you to believe. Clinton is nowhere near in Reagan’s league with the American people. Clinton no way, no how has that personal relationship and connection to the American people like Reagan did. Of course it would be impossible. Clinton’s a phony; Reagan was genuine.

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