Left Beside Itself Over Obama Regime’s Performance at the Supreme Court

The media is beside itself over the government’s performance at the Supreme Court yesterday on the Arizona immigration law. We’ve got audio sound bites. Jeffrey Toobin, somebody get him away from high places. Somebody take the belt off of his slacks. Jeffrey Toobin is beside himself. He thinks they’re gonna lose the health care thing, and he thinks that this debacle yesterday on the Arizona immigration law hurts.

These media people are showing the wide-eyed amazement that they displayed in the oral arguments over health care, and they’re gob-smacked that the justices might actually uphold the Arizona law. They are so wedded to this regime, they can’t believe anything going against it in any other branch of government. And they literally are beside themselves. They have been hit upside the head. They do not know what hit them. None of this is working out as it was supposed to. So we have three Drive-By news organizations who have headlined and detailed the unemployment news truthfully, negatively, honestly. And now, almost in defeat, throwing up their hands over the government’s continued lackluster performance in oral arguments at the Supreme Court.



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