LA Times: Gas Isn’t a Crisis Under the Regime

Speaking earlier about the Obama economy and the war on women and the fact the American economy is in decline and Obama wants you to believe it’s in decline because of capitalism, Obama and the Democrat Party want you to think our economy is in decline because of its own structural failures and inabilities. They want you to believe that five dollar gasoline is what you get with an economy where everybody’s out there fending for themselves. When there’s nobody looking out for people, when there’s nobody with compassion, when there’s nobody guaranteeing fairness, this is what happens. And of course the US economy is in decline only because it’s in the shackles of socialism, and it’s going to get worse. There’s nothing wrong with this economy. It’s absurd to even make the point.

But here from the Los Angeles Times: “Higher Gas Prices Cause Less Public Anger this Time.” Oh, yes. “Several factors are behind the relative complacency now compared with the price surge of 2008, analysts say. Gas prices have soared about 15% in the last six months, hitting $3.94 a gallon on average nationwide, and $4.29 in California. The mood of motorists? Partisan finger-pointing aside, polls suggest that most people aren’t as worked up over gas prices as they were four years ago. … ‘I think we all have adjusted,’ said Lara Clayton of Los Alamitos as she spent nearly $60 recently to fill up her 2008 Lincoln Town Car at a Seal Beach 76 station. ‘We just don’t drive as much and we are careful to combine errands.'”



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